Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fifth Birthday Love

A number of years ago, my mother handed me a stack of mail that I had received for my 5th birthday. I was so overwhelmed by the loving and sweet words from friends and relatives that I made a vow to do better remembering and cherishing the people important to me. (My follow-through is underwhelming; apologies to all who should be honored better by me.)

As it turns out, I also received a Knitting Nancy from my Godmother that year, thus launching my knitting career. The Knitting Nancy has enjoyed cameos on this blog here and here.

Coincidentally, I became aware of two new picture books featuring knitting this year. In addition, a nephew and a niece turn FIVE today, and both love to work with their hands. So I had decided to make a crafty/reading birthday for them. I hope it is a special, filled with great people and memories as mine was!

For my niece, I got "A Hat For Mrs. Goldman," pom pom makers, and some fun yarn. The little girl in the book assists Mrs. Goldman's hat-knitting by making the pom poms for the top of each hat. There is more to the story, but I won't ruin it for those of you wanting to read it yourselves.

I gave the gift early, during our family vacation, and we learned how to make pom poms on a sunny afternoon. I wasn't sure if she was that thrilled with it after making one.

But a few days after vacation, I got this picture in a text! She was making a bunch for her cat at home!

"Argyle Fox" is a book about a playful boy fox who has trouble having fun on a windy day. He solves his problem with a craft project that includes knitting. Again, I won't give any spoilers! To go with this book, my nephew also received his own Knitting Nancy and lots of yarn scraps from my collection.

Here we are trying to master this fine art! Notice I found a zoom feature in my photo editing to check out the detail of the hands at work.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear new 5-year-olds! Here's to books, and crafts, and lots of loving from your Auntie E and Unc!

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