Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Special Snowflakes

Hello, Yarn-Along Friends!

I've been spending most of the month finishing my second Snowflake Sweater, which was, ahem, supposed to be an early Christmas present. We had a family gathering at Thanksgiving, and I was hoping to gift my two nieces their sweaters then. Oh well, no matching cousins this time around.

This was my first Snowflake Sweater, made for a 15 month old in size 1-2 years. I love that the Cascade Yarn Sunseeker has a metallic thread in it to make the sweaters sparkly! Perfect for showing the glittery quality of snow.

The youngest lady got her sweater in time for Christmas, and her mom sent me an adorable video of her wearing it while playing her new toy xylophone. Too cute!

The second sweater is for an 8 year old girl, but she is tall for her age, so I just decided to make the 9-10 size and use all three skeins of yarn. It's in the mail to her, and I'm looking forward to seeing how big the fit actually is. And yes, I did wash and block it after I took this sweater. I get so excited when knits are finally finished that I immediately take pictures so I don't also have to wait for the sweater to dry...

This is a super fun knit. I really enjoyed thinking hard on the lace for a while, and then having some mindless TV knitting available once the yoke was complete.

Next project: I am making another Watermelon Baby Cardigan for a friends who are expecting a baby any minute. Good thing this is a fast knit! As I am knitting all the purl rows in the yoke, I am once again considering making a little dress to avoid the aggravation of purling. I'll be sending the sweater with my favorite picture book, Mole Music, and some matching watermelon bloomers. Stay tuned for that cute post next!

Finally, check out what everyone is knitting and reading at Ginny's Yarn Along this month!


Emily said...

Oh I love those sweaters! And a watermelon cardigan?! TOOO CUTE!

Elisabeth said...

Thank you! Knitting for kids is so fun!

Heather said...

Those sweaters are adorable! I think I will have to try and make some for my two girls (almost 10 and 3 1/2). It looks like a really fun knit! And so so pretty!

Juliana said...

Those sweaters are wonderful! I love the yoke on both. Mole Music is a good book to send! So cute.