Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Seattle Yarn!

Vacation time = time to buy some souvenir yarn. Seattle did not disappoint with its So Much Yarn shop really close to the Pike Market, a true tourist destination. This beauty is by Spincycle Yarns, local to Washington State, in color way "rusted rainbow." I have to confess to being a little obsessed; it is knitting up like a dream into a lovely cowl. More on that later…

We also visited the lovely Chihuly Museum and Garden. It was an unbelievable splash of color, light, and creativity. The museum tour available straight to your phone was very enlightening. Dale Chihuly spoke about his creative process and gave background on each piece.

In the Garden under the Space Needle.

A rowboat filled with glass balls, inspired by an installation in Norway where he would throw glass balls into the water and some teenagers would fish them out of the water for him to repeat the process.

A small part of a glass garden inspired by the gardening his mother used to do while he was growing up.

The Pike Place Public Market, located on the ocean and offering so many delights: fresh flowers, anything you might want to eat, raw or processed, bake shops, craft booths, etc. We spent a lot of time looking around here!

The flowers! I wanted ALL of the bouquets for placing around my house!

So many delicious fruits to sample. This vendor caught my eye with all three colors of currants, blackberries, and Rainier cherries in a pre-made nosh cup ready for eating. I did not partake, but was so tempted...

Beautiful displays of chili and garlic. They look a little bit like Chihuly chandeliers!

I want my next cheese plate to feature every one of each of these. WOW! I would eat way too much if I lived close by.

So many colors of veggies!

Tourist enjoying the Market!!

The arrival hall in Seattle for the Amtrak train. Allow me to recommend the ride from Vancouver to Seattle. Great ocean views right on the water most of the time.

And here we are: a couple of SHEEP standing in front of the original Starbucks store taking a selfie like everyone else! (Can't have a knitting blog without some sort of sheep feature!)

Hope you are enjoying summer!

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