Monday, July 29, 2019

It's Getting Ridiculous!

The number of large-ish projects that remain unfinished this summer (including lack of blogging and knitting) is getting a little out of hand. Thus I have made a few daily mini-goals for this week's family vacation time. Blogging is going well (twice in two days - woot!) as is some daily progress on this long-unfinished sweater. I've simply made it a goal to knit a few rows while chatting with the relatives.

I've also played the viola, lesson planned, and written a few emails. And in case you are worried about my vacation, I have also kayaked, hiked (saw three bears yesterday), eaten some wonderful meals, and of course had some quality hang out time with the nieces, nephews, and their parents. Now I have to go accomplish some more goals... Till soon!

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