Sunday, July 28, 2019

Three Sisters

The lovely folks at Baker Seeds in Missouri did it again. They enticed me with interesting vegetable varieties that I just had to try. I've been reading about the Three Sisters for a few years, the system of companion planting corn, beans, and squash the Native Americans used to maximize soil usage. I was nervous about trying to grow corn, but then I ran across Maize Morado, a black corn that is grown in South America. Peruvians make a delicious drink called Chicha Morado with this variety of corn, so I definitely needed to take the plunge. I chose Cherokee Trail of Tears black beans to climb up the corn, and Delicata squash to fill out the understory.

So far there is one corn plant with a tassle and no corn on the stalk. The beans also have not started blooming yet. But it is super cool to see the beans use the corn plants to climb and use as a support.I had to start the corn a few weeks before the beans to make sure the corn could support these climbers. 

At least a few squashes are starting to grow. 

I also planted some green beans that are really thin and delicious. 

The first batch got used for my first 100% locavore dinner of the season! Purple potatoes and a fresh fried egg rounded out a yummy meal.

The squirrels are starting to knock down the apples, but hopefully there will be a few left for a pie when they are actually ripe.


The snapdragons are looking so pretty this summer!


And nothing says you have a mole problem more than finding squash plants in the middle of the lawn. BIG SIGH.... None of my methods to make them go away seem to be working.

Enjoy what is left of summer. One short week, and I will be back at school teaching.

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