Friday, May 1, 2020

Knitting Lessons

Niece #3 learned how to knit last year and is quickly getting obsessed, like so many of us knitters. She gifted her younger sister a hand-knit headband and a SELF-DESIGNED knit shark for her 2nd birthday last Monday! 


The shark took three weeks to make, which is pretty quick considering she had to design, knit, sew together, duplicate stitch a mouth, and sew on felt eyes. I am so impressed!

Nice detail with the white belly! Marine biologist in the making, for certain! It turned out super cute!

She really wanted to knit a hat, so I shipped her some purple worsted-weight yarn, size 8 circular needles, and a pom-pom maker for her birthday (which I forgot about in August... ooops!). We set a FaceTime date, and yesterday we started a hat. I didn't know that she didn't know how to purl yet, so we skipped a ribbed brim in favor of one that will curl up. I am loosely using the Beanie pattern from Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel.

The hardest part of knitting in the round is getting the stitches arranged in the same direction before joining the stitches into a circle. Looks like she passed the test! Now she has to fight through 5 inches of knitting before she has to decrease. And it looks like Auntie E forgot that you need double pointed needles to finish the top of the hat. Time to send some more supplies. What should I add to spoil her? 

Happy Creating!

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