Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Beloved Heinrich

It's the end of the Chicken Era at Shady Grove. Our dear Heinrich got her neck chomped by roosting too closely to the edge of the enclosure a few weeks ago. We had her for just over eight years. Having chickens was the best! 

We will miss her companionable chirps while tending the garden. She laid giant eggs very regularly. She followed The Farmer around the yard on occasion, and always greedily out-pecked her sister Athena when veggie goodies were thrown into the henhouse. She was beloved by so many children (and adults) who got to hold her in their arms and pet her soft feathers. Heinrich was pretty smart and returned to the henhouse... usually. Ah, the empty coop will harbor her spirit for a while. I mistakenly called out to her a few days ago. Miss you, Chicky-Doodle. Rest over easy. 

Shady Grove Chickens: November 2012 - December 2020. 

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