Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Yarn Beast

I chose to procrastinate on what looked like a quick project. It ended up being a crazy big project, complete with knitting a tube longer than my torso. After starting another (incomplete) shawl by Stephen West in October, I should have known better. I finally finished The Farmer's cowl today...

This is my first completed Stephen West pattern: Painted Bricks Cowl. The Farmer was smitten with the pattern as soon as he laid eyes on it, so I knew I needed to follow through.

I appreciate the multiple ways one can wear the cowl. It is super warm, squishy, and thick.

It looks best on The Farmer himself. :)

I was hoping to use some Shady Grove yarns, but only one color was available in DK weight. Then I went on a wild stash dive, a drive to a neighboring town, and an impulse internet purchase. One of my favorite things about this project is the bright colors.

Toasty days and nights ahead! 

 Happy Knitting and Happy late Christmas!

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