Monday, February 15, 2016

Done by THIS Monday!

The Farmer and I always joke about the pattern book this blanket is from: Done by Monday. Supposedly the knitter can cast on Friday night and have a blanket by the time the weekend is over.

The pattern requires 10 balls of yarn (held double), but that is still a lot of knitting. So we always say "done by some Monday." And THIS is the Monday it is finished!

I used 11 skeins of hand spun yarn from a friend of my mother's. The fleece was from a Romney sheep named Rachel. Project started September 19, blocking completed today.

Unfortunately the washing did not completely obliterate the moth ball smell, so I put it outside for a few hours to air out. It was a beautiful winter day, complete with snow and gray skies. 

Tomorrow the blanket will leave for a new home at my friend Lauren's house to celebrate her wedding to a fantastic man. Congrats, and best wishes for a warm and happy marriage!

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