Friday, June 26, 2020

Fast Finishes

Well, a few things did find their way off the needles recently. I haven't gotten an update on the Street Vest from the recipient, because the sweater arrived with a broken jar of jelly all over it. And then there was a heat wave! So maybe this fall I'll do the full write-up of this fun and super cute vest.

I started this remnant hat as an example for my Niece #3 when she started her hat on May 1st. I did not do any shaping at the top and just did a three-needle bind-off instead. I'm looking for someone to gift it to... One does not often see a hat in June, but I thought the colors coordinated quite nicely with the blooming wild roses in the yard.

Finally, these washcloths just needed the ends to be woven in. I took care of this during a Zoom lecture during a conference I attended this week! I do like Zooming with the camera off in the privacy of my own home (on the porch) while doing something relaxing and fun. I might just remember the information a bit better.

With the parade of finished objects started, I hope to dust off a few others nearing the finish line. Stay tuned, and hope you are also enjoying some porch sittin'!

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