Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hard Re-Set - Yarn Along

June had me drifting around a bit, where my only hard and fast goal was to walk 190 miles, which I accomplished. I am so grateful that the Yarn Along is on the 1st this month. (Check out the link!) It really allowed me to reflect on what I wanted and needed to do next. It was an all-day process that encompassed a few other topics besides reading and knitting, but I think this next month will be fun and productive.

So for reading I decided to mix a little pleasure (orchard planning) with a lot of business (teaching orchestra at a new school). We refurbished our outdoor seating earlier this summer, and I just parked those books out there on the coffee table in anticipation of some major porch sitting as it gets too hot to work in the garden the next week.

For knitting, it's time to stop dilly-dallying. I'm picking up my Amiga and my Storytime Scholar sweaters for some finishing this time. They both need those long collar-button band combos where I dread picking up the correct amount of stitches and then knitting for a long time. There are also so many funny sweaters where I placed the buttonholes in the wrong place, so we're looking at some possible re-knits and/or fantastic button placements.

For my own accountability, I will also be setting up some early winter gardening projects, exploring a few local hiking spots that have been on my list, and getting back to practicing viola. I hope my screen time goes down, with the exception of some additional blogging.

Happy Summer!

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