Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Garden Journal #3

This was my view from the driveway last Tuesday! Glorious bulbs, plum and crab apple tree in full bloom.

Busy Bee on plum blossoms

I have done almost nothing except admire Spring's progress in the last two weeks. My one major development was putting up some stakes and putting some bird netting other it to protect this garden from the giant rabbits. This is last week's growth.

This is how much the peas and mesclun grew in a week: (Time to do some thinning...

Progress of apple blossoms over the last week:

Today the daffodils are already finished, BUT do you see the abundance of salad greens that re-seeded themselves? Some of the seeds waited for spring after all. I am excited for upcoming salads!

The gooseberry shrubs are blooming, and surrounded by beautiful yellow flowers. I will have to look up the name of that plant... We had a frost scare on Monday night. I covered the peas with floating row cover, but not completely, and one of the gooseberry shrubs with some plastic. Either the protection worked well, or it did not get cold enough to do damage. I left too early in the morning to assess frost on the ground. I'm sure we will have more of these adventures in the coming weeks.

Joining up with Ginny again today! Thanks Ginny!

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